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Harness the power of a farmer’s tefillos this year.

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This year, there’s a special koach hatefillah in the world, that comes only once in 7 years.

And, according to Rav Chaim Kanievsky, it’s the heroic Shmitah-observant farmers who possess this koach. 
When you sign up for our 7Brachos Shmitah Shidduch Partnership, you can harness this uniquely powerful tefillah as a zechus to find your zivug.

How the partnership works:

You support a farmer with a donation of $1 a day, giving her the funds to help her feed and clothe her family during this Shmitah year. 

She davens for you during a special monthly Rosh Chodesh tefillah throughout the year, asking Hashem specifically to send you your zivug.

The special connection between Shmitah and Shidduchim

Chazal teach us that every day of the week was created with a partner, except for Shabbos.

The zivug of Shabbos, they explain, is Klal Yisrael.

The Shmitah year, which is an entire year of Shabbos, thus carries within it the deep power of zivug for all of the Jewish People.  It’s our year of partnership, of connection.  

May we all be zocheh to utilize the koach of this year to find our zivugim soon!

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