The $1 a day Campaign

One dollar a day.
Less than the price of a cup of coffee. 
Do you know what else your dollar a day can do?

The N׳shei Keren Hashviis is running a special campaign to raise a dollar a day from women around the world, to provide farmers׳ wives with the support that many of them need this coming year for all their necessary living expenses – food, clothing, medical expenses.  We all know how much money goes into running a regular household: cooking Shabbos meals, buying school uniforms, paying for doctor visits. With zero income coming in, it’s up to us to supply these heroic families with these basic needs.

If tens of thousands of Jewish women donate just $1 every day of Shmitah, we will have millions of dollars – enough to ensure that farmers who are currently hesitating will be able to keep Shmitah k’din.  Because of us!

Throughout this year, the N׳shei Keren Hashviis will be running campaign events in communities around the world.  We’ll be working to spread the message – through social media, local events, lectures, etc. – to get as many women as possible to commit to our dollar a day campaign.  This campaign’s success depends on women like you to get involved and help coordinate and run these events.   Time is of the essence, which is why it’s crucial to spread the word about the campaign to as many women as quickly as possible.

The money will be donated throughout the Shmitah year – but we need to give the farmers our commitment now.

What is the N׳shei Keren Hashviis?

Hakadosh Baruch Hu promised Eretz Yisrael to every single Jew; it’s a gift that belongs to each one of us.  Therefore, every Jew is equally obligated in the mitzvah of Shemitah – whether or not we live in Israel and whether or not we ourselves own land there.

Shmitah observance brings bracha – and geula – to the world.  
When our farmers and their families keep Shmitah they are in essence keeping Shmitah on behalf of all of Klal Yisrael. They’re bringing down the bracha and geula for all of us. 
And this Shmitah year is particularly powerful.  This year, the majority of land in Eretz Yisrael is lying fallow in full Shmitah observance – for the first time since the Churban!
Farmers or not, every one of us has the ability to tap into this bracha.  

For 70 years, Keren Hashviis has been providing farmers with the resources and financial assistance needed to commit to the sacred mitzvah of Shmitah. But even with its massive fundraising goals, the Keren Hashviis stipends only cover 40% of the farmer’s expenses. This is money that goes to pay the mortgage on the land. The lease of farm equipment.  And other major expenses necessary for the farm’s upkeep. But for many of the farmers, there’s no money left for everyday expenses. For food, clothing, transportation.  
As women, we know what it takes to run a home.  And we can understand what it feels like to lack the money to pay for our basic household necessities.
This is why the N’shei Keren Hashviis was created.  Because Shmitah’s not just their mitzvah; it’s our mitzvah.
Through the N’shei, we women will share in the zechus of Shmitah by helping the families directly with their household expenses this year.   
Throughout history, we women were the ones who, time and again, came through with our optimism, faith and mesirus nefesh to bring about our nation’s salvation.
It’s time to do it again.

A Woman’s Koach
Who’s the one that really gets the farmers to commit to the herculean task of keeping Shmitah?
More often than not, it’s his wife.
By visiting with and talking to many of the farmer’s wives, we’ve seen that time and again, when the wife is on board, she will convince her husband.
She will stand behind him.
She will be his backbone and his inspiration to keep Shmitah. Women have a unique ability to connect, influence and inspire. This is why the N’shei Keren Hashviis was created.  And why it has the potential to be so powerful.
Are we ready to help them?

N'shei Keren Hashviis Endorsements

Rebbetzin Kolodetsky

Daughter of Maran Sar HaTorah HaRav Chaim Kanievsky, shlita. Eishes Chaver of Hagaon Rav Yitzchok Kolodetsky, shlta Bnei Brak, Israel

Rebbetzin Rena Tarshish

Menahelet of Masores Rochel Seminary

Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller-Gottlieb

Senior Lecturer Neve Yerushalayim,
Menahelet of Bnos Avigayil Seminary

Rebbetzin Sarah Meisels

Kiryat Bobov, Eretz Yisrael

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