Take a trip to a farm

An unforgettable Shmitah experience!

When you and three friends (from anywhere in the world) donate your dollar a day, you can participate in one of our unique guided Shmitah trips, as we tour a Shmitah-observant farm, spend time getting to know and be inspired by a heroic farmer’s wife, share a special tefillah experience, and more. If your three friends are local, bring them along, too!

Feel the power of Shmitah up close – and share in the bracha as you help these families get through the year.

upcoming trip

A Trip to the Toweg Farm

See firsthand

What it means to keep Shmitah


A Shmitah-observant farm while learning the relevant halachos first-hand!


The special bracha of a Shmitah-observant farmer


 your own eggplant and watch a live cooking demo with Rena Tuchinski of “No Way Thats Healthy”

...and more!

Estimated time of trip 9 AM-1 PM

Limited Spots
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Sunday Dec 5

How do I join?


Donate a Dollar a Day PLUS bring in 3 friends to donate a Dollar a Day.



Donate a Dollar a Day PLUS start your own fundraising team page.

NOTE: If you chose option one, only one of you needs to register.*

For more details or to sign up by phone call: 052-764-7908  | or email: events@nsheikerenhashviis.com