Take a trip to a farm

An unforgettable Shmitah experience!

Check it out!

See firsthand

what it means to keep Shmitah


a shmitah-observant farm while learning the relevant halachos first-hand!


the special bracha of a Shmitah-observant farmer


chizzuk to the farmers by showing them Klal Yisrael’s behind them. 
Come to inspire and be inspired!

...and more!

upcoming trip

Estimated time of trip 10 AM-2 PM

How do I join?


Donate a Dollar a Day PLUS bring in 3 friends to donate a Dollar a Day.



Donate a Dollar a Day PLUS start your own fundraising team page.

NOTE: If you chose option one, only one of you needs to register.*

For more details or to sign up by phone call: 052-764-7908  | or email: events@nsheikerenhashviis.com

What trip participants are saying...

Aleeza Lebowitz
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"It was so good, such an amazing experience, the Towegs are such sincere special people, I can't tell you what I walked out with."
Nechama Liff
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"I was so inspired, wherever I go I'm telling people about it, and everyone wants to give something. I feel I had a special Zchus which allowed me to see something so special'
Gila Solomon
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"It was so amazing. They are giving us so much more than we are giving them- The gift of keeping a mitzva we can't do. I feel a precious mitzva is handed to me on a silver platter. It doesn't matter what kipa they are wearing, we all felt so connected to them. I really enjoyed it"
Rebecca Lefkowitz
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"The trip was excellent! The farmer and his wife are both such sincere people, they really spoke from the heart. It's such a beautiful thing they're doing!"
Aviva Friedman
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"I knew all the stories, but hearing him saying it live is a powerful experience, "I was super inspired. Seeing these farmers first hand was amazing"
Elisheva Rudolph
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'It was so inspiring and incredible to hear first hand what the farmer goes through. It brought a deeper understanding to the mitzva of Shmittah."
Jan Cohen
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"Absolutely wonderful and stupendous! It was very humbling to see what they're going through."
Lea Gold
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"It was very inspiring and a lot of fun! Seeing their mesirus Nefesh was very meaningful."
Rita Zabrowsky
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"Oh my, Oh my, Oh, my!!! It was so inspiring! We came home feeling so holy. The 2 of them (the farmer and his wife) are such heiligeh mention. It was so worthwhile, I would recommend this trip for anyone. The whole concept is so beautiful, when you are exposed to such people, it changes you! It was so moving to see all of the other green fields. He knows he can do it too, but Hashem said no!"
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"I feel the kedusha in the land being here"